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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMIP ?

SMIP-Society of Medical Imaging Pakistan is a registered body that works for professional, moral and financial interests of MITs. It registers MITs to uplift the field as a community.

Why I need SMIP registration ?

SMIP registers you as a member and recognizes you as Medical Imaging Technologist. Which signifies MIT a profound healthcare profession.

How can I get registered ?

Click ‘’Get Membership’’ on top menu and submit online membership request.

Can I get membership on call/SMS ?

No! You need to submit online application for sure.

Which documents I need for my membership ?

You need identity (CNIC/Passport), qualification (all relevant) and any available employment documents to apply for membership.

Can I get membership without submission of Higher education commission attested degree ?

SMIP is only issuing memberships to those who are qualified from HEC recognized institutions. That is why HEC attested degree submission is mandatory requirement.

Is there any fee for getting membership ?

Yes! Please check guidelines to get registration.

Does SMIP is liable to verify MITs on international healthcare workers recognizing bodies ?

Yes! SMIP verifies its members on all international healthcare workers recognizing bodies (councils/societies).

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