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Our Constitution


(I) Memorandum of the Society

A) The name of the Society will be Society of Medical Imaging
Professionals hereafter called Society.
B) The objectives of the Society shall be:
• To work for the general advancement of Imaging procedures.
• To encourage training and study in different modalities of Diagnostic
Imaging and to help in their growth.
• To organize educational events like webinars, workshops and
• To publish newsletter and achievements of MITs.
• To promote and safeguard interest of workers Diagnostic Imaging.
• To secure, administer & raise funds, grants & endowment for
realizations of the above objectives.
• The Society shall not take part in any political activity whatsoever.

(II) Articles of the Society

1.1 Society has 6 executive committee members and 5 honorary
committee members. Society has 6 member of Executive Committee;
President, Senior Vice President, General Secretary, Vice President,
Secretary, and Finance Secretary.
1.2 Each executive committee member is responsible for designated
task and to coordinate and intimate President upon it.
The central office of society will be at the place at which the president
is normally stationed.
The Society shall have the following Categories of membership.
3.1 Standard Membership
HEC recognized degree in Medical Imaging Technology
Biannual subscription is Rs. 2000/-
3.2 Lifetime Membership
HEC recognized degree in Medical Imaging Technology
Lifetime subscription is Rs. 10, 000/-
3.3 Honorary Committee
These will be the senior persons in field, who have contributed
significantly to uplift MIT, who, the executive members recognize for
their commitment and devotion in field.
3.4 All members shall pay their dues within 15 days of renewal date. In
case of non-payment the membership will be cancelled in two weeks.
3.5 A member expelled shall lose all the privileges of membership and
all rights against the society. No refund of fee will be provided in such
3.6 Fees mentioned for any category may be changed by the general
3.7 Membership will be by online application form on our official
website and to be approved by executives after
scrutiny of supporting documents.
3.8 Termination of Membership
3.8.1 Any member or associate member shall cease to be member or
associate member of the society.
3.8.2 As a result, on the date of the expiry of the notice as given in
3.8.3 A membership terminated on account of non-payment can be
readmitted on clearing the arrears of defaulted period or on becoming
life member dues.
4- Resignation from office
A member of the office bearer may resign by giving notice to the
President / General Secretary
General Secretary who shall place the mater before the next meeting of
the council for decision. In case the resignation is accepted, the council
may co-opt any member of the society to fill the vacancy. In case of
resignation of president, the senior vice president shall take over and
then the committee shall co-opt any other member of the society to fill
vacancy of vice president which has thus fallen vacant.
5- Functions and powers of Committee
The Committee members are the supreme authority in the affairs of
the society. Committee may take advice from honorary committee.
The President shall exercise the powers of the Committee. In the
absence of the president, the senior vice president and in his absence
general secretory may act as president. The president shall chair over
all meetings. He/ She shall actively supervise the affairs and activities of
the society.
5.2. Senior Vice President
The Vice President shall act as president if the president is unable to
discharge his function due to illness, absence, resignation, death or for
any other reason. He/she shall also enjoy such other powers as may be
delegated to him/ her by the President or the committee. The Senior
Vice President of the society will be responsible for day-to-day
operations & shall keep the record of the proceedings of the all the
meetings and keep a copy of all records (hardcopy and all
comprehensive electronic records) in a timely fashion.
5.3. General Secretary
General Secretary will be responsible for examining all papers / letters
relating to the business of the society and shall obtain orders of the
president on them whenever necessary. It shall be the duty of the
general secretary to notify the members for any meeting by a notice of
one week in writing. He/ She shall exercise all executive controls over
the executive council office of the society.
He/ She shall hire or fire (after inquiry) any employee of the society
drawing monthly emoluments in consultation with president.
5.4. Finance Secretary
The finance secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts
in proper form and ensuring that the budget allocations are strictly
observed and framing the budget proposals. He/ She shall pay in
consultations with the president and other committee members. He/
She will be responsible for yearly audit of the account and present that
before the committee at least once in a year. The Finance secretary
shall submit matters having financial implications to the president /
council for approval and decisions.
5.5. Other Office Bearers
The other office bearers shall exercise the functions delegated to them
under the rules outlined by the team or specially assigned to them by
the president.
6- Meeting of the Committee
The meeting of the society members shall be convened quarterly in a
year. The president and general secretory can call meeting in one week
notice. An emergency meeting may be called by the President. A
requisition meeting may be called by any of the members after
notifying president.
7- Framing Rules & Regulations
The committee may from time to time frame such rules as may be
necessary for regulating the conduct of the day-to-day Society’s
8- Amendments to the Constitution of the Society
The constitution may be amended, altered, or varied by a resolution of
two third majorities of members present at any annual meeting of the
Society provided all the members endorse that change.
9- Drawing of Funds
All income received by the Society whether from fees or from any other
sources shall vest in the society and shall be kept in the name of the
society in an account in a scheduled Bank. This account shall be
operated under the joint signatures of finance secretary and president /
secretary general.