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About – SMIP
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About Us


The SMIP is the professional association of Medical Imaging Technologists in Pakistan, which tend to work for professional, moral and financial interests of MITs in public service and private practice, the SMIP is devoted to improving the quality of patient care through collaborative support of members and associated healthcare staff.


To provide learning platform and recognition to MITs with active interest in different modalities.

To promote the exchange of ideas and information to further define the objectives of Medical Imaging Technology as integral part of Allied Health Sciences and Healthcare System.


The purposes of Society of Medical Imaging Professionals, Pakistan are advancing the techniques of radiology, improving our service to patients and the healthcare community, the encouragement of improved and continuing education for MITs, and the establishment and maintenance of high medical and ethical values in their practice.


The main objectives of the Society are to:

1. Advance the techniques of radiology.

2. Meet regularly to encourage interaction amongst peers.

3. Support education and research for the benefit of the discipline.

4. Coordinate forums for the exchange of ideas concerning the direction and role of Medical Imaging Technology.

5. Provide representation for the execution of these aims.

6. Improve radiological service to patients and the medical community.

7. Encourage improved and continuing education for MITs.

8. Establish and maintain high medical and ethical standards in the practice.


The Society of Medical Imaging Professionals, Pakistan is a non-profit organization that represents all the associated members.

We provide learning resources, host the educational webinars and publish a newsletter named NVIT- News & Views by Imaging Technologists.