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Message From President – SMIP
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Message From President

Principal Technologist at renowned Cancer Hospital

It is a privilege to serve and represent Society of Medical Imaging Pakistan as a leader. I would like to take this opportunity to set high vision for our field. SMIP is a platform for all Imaging professionals to recognize themselves in discipline. You all are encouraged to contribute to SMIP and influence ‘your’ society. I want this platform to be a testimony of our identity that is used for education, professional support, research, and career development. We need a proactive approach to implement changes that are necessary to modernize our organization in line with technological advances. I intend to connect and work with Imaging professionals regional, national, and overseas to the best of my abilities. To make it more representative and influencing. I emphasize to adapt professionalism as key in our interaction with patients, students, and colleagues to be successful now and in the future.
Waseem Zafar Abbasi